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Company Profile

Company Introduction

We have developed and manufactured galvanic ion massage.
We have acquired product patent, design registration and trademark registration in order to secure competitiveness of product technology.
In order to enhance export competitiveness through product promotion,
we have actively participated in domestic (G-Fair) and overseas (Singapore) market exploration marketing activities.

Main business

Development, manufacture, and sales of GALVANIC ion massager, and the development and manufacture of hair instrument.

Main Product
Galvanic Ion Massager

Uses and characteristics of products
-Beauty Massage

-Skin wastes cleansing
-Promote skin nutrition
-Skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement

Domestic products must be operated by pressing a separate switch when operating the product.
Our products have safety by incorporating integral operation circuit suitable for human body.
It is designed for easy storage after using the product.
The stand-type structure is designed to be easy to organize.
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